Embracer Freemode forms new in-house PR team stacked with industry vets

Embracer Freemode today announced that they were forming a new in-house PR team stacked with industry veterans to support the companies within their group

Embracer Freemode forms new in-house PR team stacked with industry vets

Embracer Freemode, an operating company of game holdings giant, Embracer Group, today announced the formation of their own PR and communications for companies under the Freemode umbrella. This new team will form a part of the support structure given to companies acquired by Embracer which operate under the Embracer Freemode brand.

Mainly consisting of retro game developers as well other categories including e-commerce, devices and other services, Embracer Freemode may be the incubator for a new standard of PR and communications handling within Embracer Group.

Commenting on this, Embracer Group CEO Lee Guinchard said, “With fourteen companies sitting within the Freemode group, it’s important that we support our family of businesses with robust PR and Communications, benefiting from the efficiencies and experience our in-house team can provide. Sitting within our Services department, today’s announcement is part of a broader plan to ensure organic growth throughout the operating group.”

The Dream Team

According to the release there will be a number of experienced veterans from the PR and marketing industry coming aboard. “The team will be led by industry veterans with deep experience in gaming, retro and consumer tech PR. Alex Verrey (Joytech, Mad Catz, Big Boy PR, Little Big PR, Heaven Media) assumes the role of VP of PR & Communications, joined by Gabrielle Hibberd (Little Big PR, Heaven Media, Renaissance PR) in the role of Head of PR.”

The formation of this PR and Communications team may only be for a single part of the broader Embracer Group, but it represents a move towards consolidating the important elements of outside marketing and representation within the group itself. This would afford Embracer not only more control, but a solid and clear message across all platforms without modification to fit different styles of operation from marketing, PR or communications firms.

Embracer went on an acquisition spree in the Summer and would likely seek to cement their operations support for these new companies. Making PR and communications an in-house affair would be a major step towards creating a coherent and consolidated structure.

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