Cut the Rope creators ZeptoLab jump to Web3

ZeptoLab are partnering with The Sandbox for collaborative events and content

Cut the Rope creators ZeptoLab jump to Web3

ZeptoLab, creators of the famous Cut the Rope mobile app, is partnering with The Sandbox, a subsidiary of Aminoca brands to bring Web3 experiences to its virtual gaming world.

The partnership marks the first major jump that ZeptoLab have made into the Web3 space following initial moves including the creation of NFTs based around their intellectual property. ZeptoLab have been promoting their Om Nom character, the creature featured in Cut the Rope, as the mascot and face of their new ventures.

According to the release the first collaboration will be The New LAND and will be created by the company specifically for The Sandbox. “The new LAND created by ZeptoLab will enable players to manage the Om Nom Cafe in the city of Nomville and serve customers of the themed cafe in an exciting and challenging arcade management game based on ZeptoLab’s successful intellectual property that has been downloaded billions of times worldwide,” the company stated.

Cut the (virtual gaming sandbox Web3) Rope

ZeptoLab appears to be going all-in with the Web3 partnership suggesting that lucrative well-known mobile IP’s are still highly prized as potential partners when it comes to newer, metaverse-based projects that want to break from more traditional gaming.

And with the ongoing Crypto winter continuing to cast a shadow on everything Web3, crypto and NFT, brands such as ZeptoLab and top-ranked property such as Cut The Rope are welcome allies. Similarly it appears that ZeptoLab are seeking to diversify their revenue stream and finances by exploring other platforms besides mobile.

It’s not unsurprising that companies are spotting the potential marriage between mobile games and the Metaverse. Matthew Warneford spoke at PGC London 2023 about this exact topic.

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