Supersonic passes 3.4 billion downloads in three years

The publisher is celebrating its third anniversary this month with a massive milestone

Supersonic passes 3.4 billion downloads in three years

Hypercasual publisher Supersonic is celebrating its third anniversary this month with a massive 3.4 billion downloads across its portfolio of games.

Over the past three years more than 40 games within the company’s catalogue have reached the top 10 in various territories, including key markets such as the USA.

The company’s title Bridge Race is highlighted as a particularly strong performer, being identified by as the world’s most downloaded hypercasual game in both 2021 and 2022. Looking at all game genres, Bridge Race was also the seventh most downloaded game of 2022, showcasing once again the remarkable strength of the genre.

Additionally, 2022 saw two other games in the company’s portfolio reach the top 10 charts worldwide: Going Balls at number three, and Tall Man Run at number six.

Taken together, the company’s success led to it being identified as the 6th largest mobile game publisher by downloads of 2022.

The power of technology

2022 saw the company continue its focus on automating the publishing process, empowering developers with the knowledge required to scale. This includes level analytics, giving developers a customized view of how each level is performing in relation to its benchmarks, allowing for the quick identification of any issues and allowing developers to improve any levels which fail to meet expectations.

The company also utilises a crash centre, which allows developers to check the health of the game and identify whether any problems with the gameplay loop are technical as opposed to based on concept. Additionally, Supersonic’s marketing tool analyses marketability across different channels and KPIs to predict a game’s potential to reach a meaningful audience.

March 1 saw the company kick off its SuperWinter campaign, through which hypercasual developers can earn prizes of up to $100 thousand for published games, as well as $10 thousand in marketability prizes for all prototypes which achieve a marketability score of four or more.

Additionally, prototypes taking part in the campaign which achieve over 30% day one retention and a CPI of below $0.50 are eligible for a $3,000 prize, while those which achieve a CPI of below $0.40 are eligible to win $5,000.

Earlier this month, AppsFlyer examined the hypercasual genre’s place in the mobile space.

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