Hutch updates F1 Clash in promotional drive

The developer aims to make the game more accessible than ever before without alienating existing players

Hutch updates F1 Clash in promotional drive

Automotive racing game developer Hutch has unveiled a slate of new features being implemented in its hit game F1 Clash, with the hopes of making the title the most authentic Formula 1 game available on mobile while onboarding new players.

As part of the update, the game is updating drivers and team rosters, as well as introducing new features such as the new Power mechanic, which replaces the existing fuel-based mechanic already in place, allowing racers to remain competitive as opposed to risking a loss due to an empty fuel tank, which the company hopes will make the game more accessible and immersive than ever before.

Healthy competition

As part of the company’s plans to onboard new players, the majority of player progress from the 2022 season is being reset, helping newcomers to the game race on an even playing field with long-time players. Continuing players will maintain their progression points, which they can use within the games store for a balanced head start in the 2023 series.

“We know that entering into any competitive game can be intimidating for new players, so we are giving everyone an equal chance to compete with the new season of F1 Clash,” said F1 Clash director Doruk Erison. “We’re giving players the most content-rich season to date, alongside a balanced starting point for new players, to ensure there has never been a better time to get behind the wheel. With improved depth and newly refreshed mechanics, F1 Clash is an even more inviting and rewarding experience for Formula 1 enthusiasts.”

Since its foundation in 2011, Hutch has grown to be one of the biggest players in the racing genre on mobile devices, with over 350 million plates across its suite of games. This success led to the company being acquired by Modern Times Group in 2020.

In December, Hutch announced the implementation of a four day working week following a successful trial.

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