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Chart of the Week: Android game revenue now bigger than 3DS and PS Vita

App Annie and IDC have the breakdown

Chart of the Week: Android game revenue now bigger than 3DS and PS Vita

Back in the beginning of 2013, App Annie's Bertrand Schmitt was frank in talking about the 'crazy' growth of Google Play- and now we have some idea of why.

In the 2Q13 Portable Gaming Spotlight, App Annie and IDC have noted that game spending through Google Play now surpasses gaming-optimised handhelds globally.

Not surprisingly, the majority of the global Google Play game revenue came from Asia, specifically Japan and Korea.

Moreover, when iOS and Android are combined consumer spending on games for the two mobile platforms is now four times that of gaming-optimised handhelds.

Looking at the combined iOS and Android ecosystem, the Q213 Portable Gaming Spotlight found that games represented 40 percent of app downloads across platforms and represented 70 percent of app revenue in both the App Store and Google Play.

Down but not out

But the picture isn't all grim for the 3DS, Vita, and others in the gaming-optimised handheld category.

The report also found that spending on gaming-optimised handhelds grew in Western Europe.

Unsurprisingly, Nintendo's 3DS continued to lead in gaming-optimised handheld spending - buttressed by the breakout success of its social StreetPass games.

Those interested in reading the full Q213 Portable Gaming Report can click here to do so.

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