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Why Google’s New Ad Policy Proves that Audio Ads are the Future

As regulations tighten and user expectations increase - how can developers ensure the audience engages with ads? Audiomob offers a way forward

Why Google’s New Ad Policy Proves that Audio Ads are the Future

Audiomob's content strategist Sara Hassan explores the potential of audio ads in an increasingly regulated mobile market.

Just last month, Google put out an update to their developer policies regarding in-game ads for mobile games on the Play Store. The update titled ‘Better Ads Experiences' points out the state of mobile in-game ads that abuse gamers' experiences.

Google's updated ad policy will prohibit interstitial ads that are offensive, intrusive, and impossible to skip, beginning September 30th, 2022. This policy only excludes rewarded ads (in which users gain in-game rewards for choosing to view the ad) and banner ads (ads that do not cover the game's full screen).

Google's new ad policy reveals that developers must reflect and review how they monetise their games. Interstitial ads cause challenges that can ruin players' gaming experience and break their retention. Creating an enjoyable gaming experience that doesn't break players' retention is crucial for developers to continue receiving revenue through monetisation. Thus, developers must find an ethical way to monetise their games easily, in compliance with what Google is trying to achieve with the new ad policy. Luckily, in-game audio ads are the perfect solution.

...developers must find an ethical way to monetise their games easily...

Audio Ads Are Already Ahead

Audiomob is ahead of the curve - we work closely with developers' long-term goals to ensure a respectful approach to how to use in-game audio ads. The integration is simple and connects game developers to major advertisers seeking ad space reaching a lucrative market of over three billion mobile gamers worldwide.

Thus, monetising games becomes easier for game developers as they receive incremental revenue while innovating the in-game ad experience for gamers. Audio ads are seamless, integrate flawlessly, work with the setting or theme of the game, and allow for a non-intrusive experience that interstitial ads cannot, as reflected by Google's new ad policy.

In-Game Audio Ads Put the User-First

As mobile gaming soars into mainstream popularity, it is essential to focus on the end-user. The audio ad format is naturally user-centric - it puts the user first and understands how a player interacts with a game. Unlike images and video ads that appear mid-game, causing players to lose focus and ruin their progress, in-game audio ads integrate more naturally and do not distract or negatively impact the player's retention.

The audio ad format creates a non-intrusive experience that helps developers gain incremental revenue from their games while enhancing the game’s user experience (UX) without abusing or overloading the gamer with ads.

Monetisation Should Enhance - Not Deter

In the eyes of the developer, monetisation should further enhance their game while helping them receive revenue, rather than being a necessary evil. Audio ads allow players to discover new brands through an auditory format, creating a more stimulating and memorable ad experience.

As mobile gaming soars into mainstream popularity, it is essential to focus on the end-user...

For example, Audiomob's in-game ad technology can detect the volume level of a player's device, gently lowering the volume using a passback feature to indicate that an audio ad will play rather than play abruptly, shocking the player mid-game. This approach to in-game ads further enhances the player's experience because it avoids sudden changes in sound and allows for a more natural ad experience.

Ultimately, using ads as an enhancing feature to monetise should be a standard. As mobile gaming increases in popularity, developers must consider how their audiences feel and how the advertising medium affects the game’s experience. By following poor ad practices, developers will find that they are likely to break players' retention and frustrate them, eventually exiting their game which, in turn, weakens the revenue stream.

Monetising using innovative and respectful ad practices, like in-game audio ads, ensures that players stay happy. This new policy disrupts the advertising status quo, and Audiomob fully supports its direction. Innovative approaches to in-game ads are fundamental to enhancing the gamer's experience and help keep mobile games entertaining.

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