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Windows Phone 7 to become world's biggest smartphone platform by 2015 reckons Pyramid

53% of market will be smartphones in 5 year's time

Windows Phone 7 to become world's biggest smartphone platform by 2015 reckons Pyramid
Given the current focus on Windows Phone 7's sales – or the apparent lack of them – anybody suggesting Microsoft's platform is set to become the largest on the planet is going out on a limb.

In truth, Pyramid Research's assertion that WP7 will surpass Android to take top spot in the smartphone wars by 2015 isn't quite as outlandish as it might seem, if only because projections for the platform in general have been lifted following Microsoft's deal with Nokia.

Opening Windows

The firm claims both WP7 and Android will spearhead growth that will result in smartphones accounting for 53 percent of all global handset sales by 2015.

Indeed, even throughout the course of 2011, the market will be on the up and up, with smartphone sales making up 27 percent of the 1.46 billion handsets shipped to retail by the end of the year.

"Much of the projected total market growth in 2011 will come from the Africa and Middle East (AME) region, which will see a strong demand for low-end smartphone models, ultra low-cost handsets and dual-SIM and full touch-screen feature phones," said Pyramid's senior analyst Stela Bokun.

"The main drivers of the demand in the developed markets will be the launches of a number of flagship high-end devices and new features and technologies.

"However, inexpensive smartphone models, particularly those from Huawei and ZTE, also will be in high demand in some of the richest Western European, Asian and North American markets."

Back in March, Pyramid Research suggested 8.3 billion mobile handsets will be sold between 2011 and 2015.

[source: PR Newswire]

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