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Android Market's monthly downloads to overtake App Store's after June 2012, reports Xyologic

3.2 billion downloads apiece by next summer

Android Market's monthly downloads to overtake App Store's after June 2012, reports Xyologic
With Google currently in the process of readying Ice Cream Sandwich for Android as Apple celebrates a record breaking 1 million pre-orders for iPhone 4S on day one, the battle between the two platforms is only set to heat up in the months ahead.

Android can already boast the larger userbase of the two, but when it comes to app downloads, Google's platform can't compete with the 18 billion Apple has amassed to date. Well, not yet anyway.

According to a report by startup research specialist Xyologic, Google may well catch up with Apple – at least in terms of monthly download figures - within the next 12 months.

App-licable figures

According to the report, monthly App Store downloads currently come at 1.45 billion. That compares favourably to Android Market's 640 million.

By June 2012, however, both stores will be bringing in monthly download figures of around 3.2 billion. From that point onwards, Xyologic reckons Android's store will then out pace Apple's.

"Apple continues to grow at exponential rates, but Android is growing at hyper-exponential rates," said Xyologic cofounder Matthaus Krzykowski.

"In the coming months, we'll see a number of countries where Android becomes No. 1," he added.

Xyologic has also taken time out to outline its predictions for the total number of downloads.

Android's current total of 6.8 billion apps downloaded is dwarfed by the App Store's equivilent. However, Xyologic predicts Android will overtake iOS on this score by mid 2013, with both platforms reaching a total download figure of 84 billion apps.

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