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Average paying gamer spends $9.39 a month on IAP

So says AppsFlyer

Average paying gamer spends $9.39 a month on IAP

Mobile attribution analytics firm AppsFlyer has a released its "State of In-App Spending 2016" report.

It studies nearly 30 million in-app purchases worth $300 million made across over 1,000 games between April and May 2016.

It shows that while only 3.5% of players make use of IAPs, the average paying player spends $9.39 a month on the game.

Big spenders

The report also finds that players on iOS spend on average 2.6x more than Android players, and that 20% more iOS gamers spend on IAPs than Android gamers.

Looking at different markets, the report finds that while globally all players spend an average of $0.50 a month on a game, players in Asia spend an average of $0.70 a month.

You can read the full report over on the AppsFlyer website.


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