Company Spotlight: Mistplay

Find out more about the mobile gaming loyalty platform that drives strong user acquisition, retention, and LTV for game publishers

Company Spotlight: Mistplay

Elevator pitch:

Mistplay is pioneering loyalty gaming to meet the needs of the mobile gaming industry and drive strong user engagement as an effective advertising platform. Hundreds of game publishers, with portfolios spanning chart toppers and new releases, utilise Mistplay’s unique approach to reach a wide audience of gamers.

With the help of our AI-based recommendation engine, our users are matched with the most relevant games, based on their interests. They are then rewarded for the time and money spent within those games, driving lifetime value (LTV), increased retention and ROI for game publishers.

Company Spotlight


Date Founded


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Mobile Advertising Platform


Montreal, Quebec


Jason Heller

Key Staff

  • Luca Fiaschi, Chief Data & AI Officer
  • Aaron Thandi, VP, Global Head of Commercial
  • Nicholas Kerr, VP of Loyalty & Lifecycle

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Mistplay - Loyalty App

Main Areas Of Business:

  • Mobile Advertising
  • User Acquisition
  • Mobile Gaming Loyalty
  • Rewarded Engagement

Case study: Merge Gardens, Futureplay

By enabling a win-win ecosystem for gamers and advertisers through play-and-earn mechanics, mobile game publishers have found continued success using Mistplay to tap into the power of loyalty-driven acquisition. By boosting engagement across a community of millions of gamers through AI-driven recommendations, liveops, and promotions, we are helping publishers to actively drive retention and IAP spending.

After facing an increasingly competitive user acquisition landscape, compounded by lengthy testing periods and limited creative options, Futureplay Games was on the hunt for a UA partner who could reach high-value users at scale in a profitable way. By tapping into Mistplay’s target ROAS campaigns for their title Merge Gardens, Futureplay saw D7 ROAS increase by 23.7% while install volume for the game was boosted by 2.5x.

Case study: Love & Pies, Trailmix

Trailmix, creator of the merge title Love & Pies, was seeking new and innovative UA strategies to hit targets in key markets, like the US, Canada, and the UK. By leveraging Mistplay’s loyalty app as part of their media mix, they achieved a 30% aggregate uplift in game installs across their Android acquisition operations, and when compared to other paid channels the eCPI was 33% lower and D1 retention was 25% higher.

Mistplay has continued to climb the ranks as a high performing media source, most recently ranking in 2023 as Top 5 Best media sources for Global ROI and Retention in the Singular ROI Index. Additionally, Mistplay earned more than 30 ranks in the 16th Edition of the Appsflyer Performance Index, including the #8 rank in gaming on Android globally.

Industry Insights

In October 2023, Mistplay released its inaugural Mobile Gaming Loyalty Report, the first-ever look at quantifying loyalty to uncover key learnings and insights for publishers to take a loyalty-first approach to driving LTV. Alongside insights identifying the most loyal game genres, with RPG coming out on top, there were interesting takeaways from surveying thousands of mobile gamers. For example, 77% of spenders play between two to seven games per week, but 53% only spend money on a single game in a week.

When it comes to user acquisition, 72% of players stated that it’s important to see actual gameplay footage in ads when deciding to install a game or not. That said, out of all users surveyed, 37% said they actively ignore in-game ads completely.

Loyalty continues to be one of the biggest necessities to drive sustainable growth as the mobile industry continues to evolve. Mistplay aims to be the best way to play mobile games for everyone, everywhere.