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Free-to-play author Will Luton parts ways with TinyCo

Short but sweet stay is over

Free-to-play author Will Luton parts ways with TinyCo

Free-to-play author Will Luton has left TinyCo only a matter of months after he joined the San Francisco-based developerback in October 2013.

Luton, who made his name at Mobile Pie in Bristol before acting as a consultant for several companies, had said he wanted to use the resources and reach of TinyCo to make games with 'global reach'.

However, in a statement given to, Luton said he's currently reviewing his options at other firms.

Reading the signs

"My time at TinyCo has been great - it's a pleasure working with people at the top of their game," he detailed.

"There's great stuff coming and look forward to see the company's games kill it.

Luton added that he's "currently reviewing options in San Francisco, Vancouver and the UK, working out what's next".

Although Luton's stay at TinyCo was unexpectedly brief, his departure comes mere months after the firm lifted the lid on layoffs - a period that saw the company let go of 27 employees as part of a 'strategic shift'.

There's been no suggestion that said shift is in any way linked to Luton's decision to leave the company, however.

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