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Ex-Apple GM leads Roblox international expansion

Popular game gets Spanish localisation, other languages coming soon

Ex-Apple GM leads Roblox international expansion

Former Apple Asia-Pacific GM Chris Misner has been named as president of Roblox International to help expand the popular game around the world.

The game, which lets players create their own content and get paid for it, is now available in Spanish and is set to get further localisations throughout the year.

Support for French, German and Brazilian Portuguese are set to launch in the coming months.

Native speaking

Development tools for publishing games, community moderation, customer support and parental resources will be offered in other languages, having previously been presented in English.

Content creators will also have tools that help them publish their games in multiple languages.

The new push for better localisation on the platform comes as Roblox has racked up 60 million monthly active users.

“Roblox is poised to unlock a large global audience,” said Misner.

“It’s already played by English-speaking kids in over 40 countries worldwide. By making the platform more accessible to Spanish speakers, we’re taking the next steps to power the imagination of players everywhere.

"In the coming year you’ll see Roblox increase its support for both players and developers around the world.”

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