Roblox’s Avatar Auto Setup and Texture Generator are the latest AI tools for the 3D space

Roblox reveals two AI-powered tools at GDC

Roblox’s Avatar Auto Setup and Texture Generator are the latest AI tools for the 3D space

Roblox has revealed two new AI-powered tools at GDC, designed to streamline content creation in the 3D space. These tools, the Avatar Auto Setup and Texture Generator, reduce the time commitment to setting up avatar and texturing steps "by hours or even days".

This is far from Roblox’s first foray into artificial intelligence integration, with an increasing amount of AI tech having been introduced since the positive reception of generative AI.

Two tools

Both the Avatar Auto Setup and Texture Generator have been released globally today, March 18, available in alpha and public beta respectively. They can be found within Roblox Studio, the platform’s advanced development environment.

The first, Avatar Auto Setup, requires users to sign up for access with limited numbers to be accepted at a time. Those given access can convert a 3D body mesh into an animated avatar, and use the tool to automatically rig, cage, segment, and skin 3D models, provided those models are humanoid.

Texture Generator, meanwhile, lets users input text prompts to change 3D objects’ textures with detail, such as a wooden texture prompt on a chest considering sharp corners and "features like the wooden planks and the lock". This aims to further blur the line between creator and user, giving access to bespoke 1024 x 1024 textures for MeshParts.

"Our new AI technologies help anyone from an indie developer to a professional game studio quickly create rich, compelling content on the Roblox platform - getting them from idea to shared reality, faster than ever. With these tools, creators can focus on creative ideation and less on implementation, enhancing their experiences to grow engagement - and ultimately, their businesses," said Roblox VP of creator engineering Nick Tornow.

Roblox introduced an AI chat translator last month to ease communications across language barriers, and usage of Roblox’s proprietary TextChatService in creators’ experiences has more than doubled in the feature’s first 30 days. 19.7 billion messages have been auto-translated so far, or approximately one in three messages sent over the period.

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