Stefano Corazza: AI will enable new Roblox users to create much faster

Roblox Studios head Stefano Corazza discusses the future of AI on Roblox

Stefano Corazza: AI will enable new Roblox users to create much faster

Between creation and crossovers, collaboration and the metaverse, Roblox has long been at the helm of technological innovation within the gaming sector.

With AI technology having become more prevalent in the public eye over recent months, Roblox revealed its vision for artificial intelligence on its platform. We also spoke with Roblox Studios head Stefano Corazza about the future of Roblox together with such technology. A recent Roblox blog post discussed the future of generative AI on your platform. How do you see AI working within Roblox?

Stefano Corazza: We are starting by targeting high-value content creation workflows, with generative AI for coding and for material creations. Then, over time, we will expand those capabilities and in the long run we will have large language models able to generate entire experiences following the creator's input.

How do you foresee this technology changing a user’s creation process?

Smaller teams will be able to do more and skilled individuals with a great idea won't be bound by technical limitations anymore. Overall, it will democratise the content creation process in an unprecedented way.

If (or when) AI is fully implemented into Roblox, do you expect that most current creators will shift to this method or that it will attract a new crowd?

I think it will enable new users to get started much faster and, at the same time, it will significantly increase the productivity of existing creators.

Will Roblox still allow users to create via the current process if they so choose?

Absolutely. Generative AI is just going to be another tool creators can use, and at any time they will be able to put it aside and go deeper into more specialised tools if they so choose.

Are you open to the use of 3rd party AI in the creation of experiences, or will there be a specific “Roblox AI”?

It is still early to share specific plans, but overall we want to be a platform and to be truthful to that vision, so we imagine 3rd party AI will be available on Roblox at some point in the future.

Has the idea to implement AI arisen recently, or has it been a goal for some time?

We have had a vision around it for some time but only recently has the technology gotten significantly better to make it worthy of exposing it to creators on our platform. The evolution of the last two years around generative AI has been just incredible.

Roblox saw a boost to its revenue in Q4 2022, generating $579 million.

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