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Hill Climb Racing developer Fingersoft appoints Celine Pasula as CEO

Ex-Grand Cru co-founder steps up

Hill Climb Racing developer Fingersoft appoints Celine Pasula as CEO

Best known for its successful Hill Climb Racing series - with more than 1 billion downloads and counting - Finnish developer Fingersoft is looking to the future.

It’s just appointed a new CEO, Celine Pasula.

Pasula was previously a co-founder and CFO at Grand Cru and had been Fingersoft’s director of business development since June 2019.

She says taking the role of CEO will allow the company to accelerate the changes it’s been making.

“These past few months have already been a kind of revolution inside the company,” Pasula comments.

“Fingersoft has built this amazing team during the years and I have no doubt that together we can make the company even more successful.”

The right things first

In terms of what’s next, Pasula is keen to not “promise anything too early.''

However, Fingersoft is actively developing the Hill Climb Racing universe, as well as exploring new IP.

More generally, though, she’s keen to stress the company’s culture.

“Talking to the founders and the staff, we share the same values,” she says.

“Everyone is very open and honest. These are the people I want to surround myself with and work together with, keeping the focus on the right things and ensuring everyone enjoys being part of our culture.”

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