Apple testing iPhone push notification

Good news for games developers

Apple testing iPhone push notification
Apple has begun a stress-test of the new push notification features in the iPhone 3.0 software, in advance of its launch this summer.
MobileCrunch reports that a pre-release version of an Associated Press iPhone app is being used to test the new feature, making a "high number of background push requests" to weed out any technical gremlins.

Developers working with the beta iPhone 3.0 software have been invited to download the app to help test the features.

It seems a Notifications switch is added to the iPhone's settings screen, which you can then toggle on or off overall, or for individual apps.

Although the test is focused on a news app, games developers are keen to use push notification too, particularly those making social games for iPhone.

For more on games firms' plans for the iPhone 3.0 software, check our feature from the week it was announced.

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