No push notifications on jailbroken iPhones

Unless they're on the original network, that is

No push notifications on jailbroken iPhones
Complaints are apparently abounding about the non-functioning of the highly anticipated push notification implemented on the iPhone in the 3.0 software update.

The problem has been noted in jailbroken iPhones that are using networks other than Apple's official partners, it seems. However, according to TheRegister the problem doesn't appear to be with the actual unlocking of the handset, so much as routing the push notifications through the 'unofficial' cellular networks.

Developer of the NotifyMe application, PowerBase, has been quite vocal with its complaints about the problem, which are causing the application to lock up since Apple's servers don't even return an error.

Presumably Apple won't be too quick to fix this problem given its attitude toward jailbraking the iPhone, though we're left wondering if the problem might yet manifest itself in pay-as-you-go handsets should they become more affordable.

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