Appvent Calendar update: three games over 65k downloads

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Appvent Calendar update: three games over 65k downloads
Following the announcement from Hexage that its game Totemo had racked up over 65,000 downloads in the 24 hours it was free as part of the ongoing Appvent Calendar project, the numbers for some other games have been released.

According to Johannes from Appvent Calender, Craneball's 33rd Division (the first game to be freely released in this way), had over 70,000 downloads during 1st December, while MadFingerGames' Samurai: Way of the Warrior had just under 67,000 during 5th December .

Meanwhile, LeftRightStudios - its smackBOTS is today's freebie - has tweeted its website has, to-date, received more than 3,000 unique visitors on the back of the campaign.

As for what happens when the games move from paid to free, you can get some idea of the in/elasticity of the transition between free to paid apps from the following graphs (from Top App Charts).

In the case of 33rd Division, after the peak of its free day, its position in the strategy and the action charts is higher than it previously was, although not massively so.

More impressive is the case of Kalio's Tridefense. Its position shot up from a very low level, and it also entered the free Top 100, although it immediately drops out the day after. It is significantly shifted upwards in terms of the simulation and strategy charts though.

Of course, we'll have to wait a bit longer in the case of these games to track the medium term impact with respect to paid sales.

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