MWC 2010: LG rules-out proprietary OS

Hints that market is overcrowded

MWC 2010: LG rules-out proprietary OS
While its South Korean rival Samsung is currently pushing the boat out by launching bada, LG has dismissed the notion of releasing its own OS, stating it will stick with Android and Windows Phone 7 for the next few years.

Speaking during a round-table at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, LG president and CEO of mobile communications Scott Ahn said that he expected the number of smartphone OSes to drop in the years to come - and that's a battle LG wants no part in.

"Our strategy is not to make an independent mobile platform of our own at least for the next two to three years," he said.

"It is a competition of how to make an ecosystem that combines device, platform, contents and service. It is difficult for a single company to dominate the entire ecosystem."

Ahn's comments, which suggest LG believes there are a few too many OSes currently on the market, are not without merit.

As well as Samsung's bada, which focuses on easing the development process, Nokia and Intel are working together on MeeGo, Android continues to be a major player, and Microsoft has made significant waves with Windows Phone 7.

LG believes just three major OSes will end up dominating the market, the company having announced last month that it plans to launch ten new Android handsets in 2010.


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