GDC 2010: Augmented reality app junaio relaunches on App Store

Version 2.0 adds Eventful channel

GDC 2010: Augmented reality app junaio relaunches on App Store
Metaio's augmented reality app junaio has relaunched on the App Store, the company stating version 2.0 offers superior indoor support for users wishing to make use of the app when out and about.
junaio 2.0 combines GPS and compass-based geo-information with "LLA-marker-technology" to allow users to "experience augmented reality not only in the world outside but even within buildings".

GPS, and then some

"junaio is the first service offering this cutting-edge approach," says metaio CTO Peter Meier.

"junaio 2.0 makes it possible to bring augmented reality to places like exhibitions, trade fairs, shopping malls or stations without being dependent on the limited accuracy of the GPS-technology."

As such, metaio has also announced the launch of a new Eventful channel designed to integrate the locations and venue details of major events into the platform.

Set to be launched at the South by Southwest Interactive conference in Austin this week, visitors running junaio 2.0 will be able to access information about all aspects of the events and concerts "anytime and anywhere".

Heading in the right direction

The information is digitally overlaid on the live-view of the camera, giving both background details and pointing users in the direction of their chosen venue.

"The Eventful mobile channel is a powerful conglomerate of event information to help you navigate and learn about events around you," said product marketing manager Lisa Murphy.

"We're excited to work with junaio to give SXSW attendees the opportunity to find the nearest and coolest parties happing at SXSW through augmented reality," added VP of business development for Eventful, Tim Breidigan.

"The ability to point your phone around you and see events is an enriching and groundbreaking experience."

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