GDC 2010: ngmoco's Neil Young on We Rule's early Canadian success

IAP usage is phenomenal

GDC 2010: ngmoco's Neil Young on We Rule's early Canadian success
Freemium publisher ngmoco is on a roll.

It's just released Godfinger in Canada; standard procedure to test both online infrastructure and game mechanics prior to a global launch, while last week's Canadian soft release of We Rule is about to go worldwide next week.

"We've been surprised by the number of friend connections people have made within We Rule," ngmoco CEO Neil Young explains.

"Some have added 100 friends so we've had to beef up the infrastructure to improve app load time, as well as introducing pagination in terms of the user interface."

This has been supported in an update.

More usage, more IAP

The game, which ngmoco considers its first from-scratch freemium product, is demonstrating its potential in other ways too.

While ngmoco's standard paid games clock up an average of around 2 user sessions per day, and the likes of Eliminate Pro and Touch Pet Dogs do around 4 sessions per day, We Rule is currently at 7 to 8 sessions per days."

"We expect this to settle down to over five over time," Young says.

But when it comes to commercially vital issue of how much revenue is being raised by in-app purchases, he's really upbeat.

"It's phenomenal," he says. "Radically better than we seen in our previous games."

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