Games portal itsmy adds HTML5 support, 20 titles on the way in 2011

Features to be integrated throughout 2011

Games portal itsmy adds HTML5 support, 20 titles on the way in 2011
Mobile games portal itsmy has announced it is to roll out support for HTML5 throughout the course of 2011.

Those behind the network, which already boasts more than 120 games playable on mobile browsers, say the addition of HTML5 will better aid the platform take on games on smartphone platforms, such as iOS and Android.

Developer demand

"Almost all of our mobile browser game developers and studios are pushing in the HTML5 direction and therefore it was a must to go HTML5," said CEO Antonio Vince Stabyl.

"The mobile HTML5 strategy will make it easier to generate revenues in future and to grow the user base virally."

According to the firm, features such as MP3 sounds, full animations, location, interactive touchscreen gameplay and integrated videos will all be made available this year, with itsmy planning to release 20 HTML5 supported titles before the end of 2011.

The company is currently beta testing its first location based HTML5 game - open to 20,000 mobile gamers - on its website.

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