Itsmy to launch cloud-based HTML5 service Game Cloud

Browsers, smartphones and tablets on board

Itsmy to launch cloud-based HTML5 service Game Cloud
Casual games portal Itsmy has announced it is to launch a cloud-based HTML5 games distribution channel, spanning browsers, smartphones and tablets.

The new platform, dubbed Game Cloud, will initially be rolled out with the cooperation of carriers across Europe this May, with external mobile browser games currently in beta testing.

In the cloud

The platform, which will enable users to pay once for a game they can play across multiple devices, will then go live in full in early summer.

"The itsmy Game Cloud is finally a way to sell HTML5 games directly to the consumer and to bypass app stores or marketplaces," said CEO Antonio Vince Staybl.

"Together with our partners we have now the absolute control to monetise and distribute the games, interact with gamers and scale the game cloud."

Game Cloud is also set to employ various business models to provide consumers with either daily, weekly, monthly or all-you-can-play access, as well as game category bundles.

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