Glu Mobile enters into publishing partnership with Blammo Games

Two titles promised over next 12 months

Glu Mobile enters into publishing partnership with Blammo Games
With the ink barely dry on its deal with best-selling author James Frey to 'bring to life' a series of novels on smartphones and tablets across a two-year period, social game publisher Glu has entered into another multi-title partnership.

This time, however, San Francisco-headquartered Glu has agreed to act as publisher on two games over the next twelve months from Blammo Games, a new company established by industry veteran Christopher Locke.

Capcon Interactive?

Most recently, Locke served as senior director, product development, at Capcom Interactive Canada, the studio responsible for controversial iOS freemium titles Smurfs’ Village and Zombie Cafe.

"I am excited to collaborate with Glu on their upcoming titles. Glu has asserted itself as innovators in high-quality, freemium gaming and a leading contributor to the iOS and Android ecosystem," Locke said.

"Blammo Games’s collaboration with Glu will undoubtedly produce unique, captivating gaming experiences for consumers."

Both of these contracted 'gaming experiences' will integrate Glu's existing tools and technology, and will plug into the publisher’s Glu Games Network.

Future plans

And should the Blammo-developed releases strike a nerve with the iOS and Android masses, Glu has the option to extend the partnership for sequels and to purchase an up to 25 percent ownership stake in the development studio.

"We are pleased to establish a long-term publishing relationship with Mr. Locke and his new studio, Blammo Games," Niccolo De Masi, CEO of Glu, added.

"Glu and Blammo Games share a keen focus on bringing high-quality mobile titles to market and we look forward to leveraging Mr. Locke's unique talents to produce dynamic and enduring mobile gaming franchises for Glu gamers."

[source: PR Newswire]

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