Best selling Xperia Play games clocking up less than 1,000 downloads

Destruction Derby leading the pack

Best selling Xperia Play games clocking up less than 1,000 downloads
The notion that most of Sony's roster of PSone releases for Xperia Play are yet to hit 1,000 downloads is a damning indictment for a handset that pitches itself as the ultimate gaming device for Android.

That's the claim made in a recent report by PlayStation LifeStyle, however, with the site pegging sales for the top selling release – Destruction Derby – within the region of 500 to 1,000.

Three other releases – Cool Borders 2, MediEvil and Syphon Filter – are yet to clear 500 downloads, the site states, while Jumping Flash is bottom of the pile with between 50 to 100 sales to date.

No download derby

In reply, Sony Ericsson claims to be unconcerned by what can only be described as a slow take up for games on the platform, with head of market development Dominic Neil-Dwyer stating that the addition of further releases will raise consumer awareness.

"I think there's also an awareness thing for people that are getting their hands on the device and where they are choosing to purchase games," he told the site.

"There's only a few, at the minute, PlayStation One titles there, and there's more coming on a regular basis, and there's the whole PlayStation as a content provider exclusive to the device, the story about that, that will emerge and people will see.

"So, there's no concerns, it’s a revolutionary device, it's shaking up the market, we’re very pleased with it."

The price is wrong?

What's interesting is that there's clearly demand for gaming content on the device. PlayStation LifeStyle's own app has reportedly been downloaded between 10,000 and 50,000 times.

As such, it could be argued that the cost of such games is putting consumers off, each title coming in at £3.99.

Sony Ericsson itself naturally has more details regarding the performance of both its PlayStation Certified program, and the apps that feed off it, but it's keeping its cards close to its chest for the time being.

"We're releasing as we go, rather than telling everyone the full story, and I think everyone appreciates that you have a good line-up at the start of selling a device, because it is a smartphone and it has a good line-up – and that line-up will grow – and the feedback we got on that line-up is that it is a good line-up, so we're very happy where we are," concluded Neil-Dwyer.

[source: PlayStation LifeStyle]

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