Tim Langdell will be 'put in jail' claims Mobigame CEO Papazian as Edge Games man shirks trademark troll label

'Future made me do it'

Tim Langdell will be 'put in jail' claims Mobigame CEO Papazian as Edge Games man shirks trademark troll label
How the tables have turned.

Having made a name for himself by taking firms to task over their use of the word 'edge' – and failing in spectacular fashion – Pocket Gamer can reveal Edge Games man Tim Langdell is now being hit by challenges of his own from all sides.

In an email sent to us by Mobigame's David Papazian, the CEO said the studio was taking action against Langdell on multiple fronts.


As well as sending a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) notice to the company hosting Edge Games' website, Mobigame has also issued a cease and desist letter to Apple over the launch of EDGEBobby2 on the App Store.

Court in the act

Papazian, of course, suffered after Mobigame's Edge was pulled from the App Store on several occasions following a complaint by Tim Langdell that its name violated his trademarks.

Langdell recently lost all claims over the 'edge' name following a request to the courts by EA to strip him of several trademarks. The publisher made the move as a result of Edge Games' legal action over the launch of DICE's Mirror's Edge.

In his first public response since losing the case, Langdell issued a statement to EuroGamer claiming he'd been forced into taking said action against EA by Edge Magazine publisher Future.

He alleges Edge Games had no interest in taking on EA, but agreements signed between the developer and Future in 1996 and 2004 over ownership of the 'edge' name forced the studio to make a stand.

Future focus

"Edge [Games] would never have taken the action [against EA] if Future had not required it under the agreement between Future and Edge [Games]," continues the statement.

"Edge [Games] and Langdell have always acted ethically and with integrity."

Mobigames' Papazian, however, dismisses Langdell's claims as a "cynical attempt" to "generate sympathy for his court case".

"He will try to use the argument 'Future made me do it' for his appeal against the Future lawsuit," he told us.

"We are certain that he will lose again, and he will probably be put in jail.

"Futhermore, we sent a DMCA notice to the company hosting his website, because he has no right to use our company name or our games names, which are protected by the trademark law."

Eyes on Apple

Papazian says Edge Games' most recent release – EDGEBobby2 – may also be in the firing line.

"We also sent a cease and desist letter to Apple to have his game EDGEBobby2 removed from the App Store," he concludes.

"This game infringes Robert Figgins' copyright - Robert and Trevor Figgins created Bobby Bearing back in the 1980's and they own the copyright on this game since Langdell's UK company was closed into liquidation in 1990.

"This game also infringes [the] Future Publishing logo, our trademark EDGE, and confuses our fans."

You can read the letter in full over on Pocket Gamer.

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