Verizon's V Cast store maintains highest average app price on mobile reckons Distimo

Verizon's V Cast store maintains highest average app price on mobile reckons Distimo
A recent Distimo presentation at the Verizon Developer Community Conference in Las Vegas highlighted the fact its curated V Cast store has the highest average application price listing among smartphone app stores.

The average listing price of a V Cast app was $4.81 in April this year. BlackBerry App World came closest with $4.17 as its average price per app, while iPhone's app store average was $3.84.

Android and Window's Phone’s averages were almost level at $3.30 and $3.29 respectively.

The only format higher than V Cast was iPad. 

Money, money, monetisation

The presentation, given by Distimo's Hendrik Koekkoek, also detailed a comparison between V Cast and iPhone in terms of price modelling and monetisation.

The average US selling price of the most popular apps on V Cast was $3.79 in April, while the figure stood at $1.47 on Apple's iPhone in July. The V Cast figure, though representative of mobile apps, was close to the $3.94 given for iPad average app prices.

11.8 paid for every 100 free

In terms of new pricing models and in relation to the increasing financial validity of freemium titles, Koekkoek highlighted the number of paid apps purchased for every free app downloaded.

V Cast's figure here was higher than the iPhone's at 11.8 apps bought for every 100 downloaded for free. On iPhone it was found that 8.7 apps were bought for every 100.

While V Cast does not yet allow in-app purchases, 44 percent of its revenue from its 200 most grossing applications is based upon subscription services.

Verizon recently dropped the V Cast name to launch its new Android-based app store with search specialist Chomp.

[source: Distimo]

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