EA, BioWare and Zynga execs form Rumble Entertainment, secure $15 million of funding

Social aspect including mobile

EA, BioWare and Zynga execs form Rumble Entertainment, secure $15 million of funding
As much a cause for celebration for the firm as a sign of investor confidence, mobile and browser-based startup Rumble Entertainment has secured $15 million in its first round of funding.

The studio – which can boast executives with experience at the likes of EA, BioWare and Zynga – has been designed to focus on merging the production values sported by big budget console releases with the social bent more typically mastered within the mobile scene.

Mix and match

"The future of video games points not at the casual audience, but rather people who know they love video games," said CEO Greg Richardson, who previously held the same position at BioWare.

He added Rumble's dream is to "successfully marry what makes console and PC games wonderful in terms of engagement and immersion with the lifestyle of not always being in front of a big-screen television."

The funding itself was secured from Google Ventures and Khosla Ventures, with the two firms clearly seeing potential in  Rumble's vision, and its roster of talent.

They join Rumble's seed investors, including Rick Thompson, former CEO of Playdom, who led the initial round of financing.

Joining Richardson as founders are Zynga game designer and lead designer on World of Warcraft John Yoo, EA2D VP Mark Spenner, and EA VP and CTO David O'Connor.

Spenner will serve as Rumble's executive VP of games, the firm has revealed, with 25 employees to-date based at the Rumble's Redwood, California base.

Rumble reaching out

Aside from simply developing mobile and browser-based titles, however, Rumble will also look to publish third party releases.

Richardson has said the studio is already talking to several developers, offering everything from investment to analytics and customer relationship management.

"It's all about finding the very best developers in the world and letting them do what they do best, which is letting them make great games," he said.

Rumble's first two games are due in 2012.

[source: Rumble Entertainment]

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