Google and LG rumoured to be negotiating over a Nexus smart TV

More content and better search options inbound

Google and LG rumoured to be negotiating over a Nexus smart TV
Though talks haven't been confirmed, Google and LG are apparently talking about a partnership which will see the world's third largest TV maker gain early access to the next version of the former's Google TV software.

The partnership is said to be similar to Google's collaborations with Samsung and HTC over its Nexus smartphones.

It's expected that Google TV 3.0 could be arriving by the end of 2012, bringing with it a larger canvas of content and streamlined program search functions.

No comment

LG spokeswoman Claire Jang said that no decision between the two had been made and declined to comment further, while Google's spokesman Robin Moroney also declined to comment.

LG demonstrated a 55-inch, wafer-thin TV utilising OLED technology, motion-sensing software and the current Google TV OS at CES 2012. 

Google announced on a 5 January blog post that it's also working with OEMs including Samsung, MediaTek and Marvell, alongside existing partners Sony and Vizio with respect to Google TV.

The rollout of Google TV 2.0 took place in October 2011, with its Android SDK having been released for developers in August.

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