Indonesian developer Chocoarts closes Angel funding round for branded games

Looking for new artists and bizdev staffers

Indonesian developer Chocoarts closes Angel funding round for branded games
Chocoarts, a Jakarta-based games studio focusing on feature phone development, is looking to hire more artists to improve the visuals of upcoming titles, after successfully closing an Angel funding round.

While the total sum raised remains undisclosed, several independent angels are said to have contributed.

Co-founder Mega Denditya highlighted in an interview with Penn Olson how Chocoarts is also on the look out for new bizdev staff to help its business model evolve.

Brand new world

"What we view as a potential business model is 'games as an engagement platform' for brands more than just a display banner in game applications," said Denditya.

"Indonesia as the fourth most populated country with a very unique content consumption and digital behaviour which will be the perfect starting point for us.

"We plan to be a global player with a solid foundation as the best game studio in the fourth most populated country in the world."

Yet, while Dinditya points out that smartphones represent the future of the market, Chocoarts will concentrate on feature phones for the time being, as he believes there's a significant amount of demand in developing countries.

Chocoarts is now working on a football game as part of a branding deal with an IPL team, due for release in April 2012.

[source: Penn Olson]

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