Appssavvy's in-game Adtivity platform now live for portal

All about activity-based advertising

Appssavvy's in-game Adtivity platform now live for portal
Forking two growth areas in one go, Appssavvy has hooked up with AOL to offer its in-game advertising SDK on

The relaunched HTML5 portal - for phones, tablets and web - is particularly strong in terms of the gender split of its 4.5 million users (58 percent are women), who spend around 26 minutes playing per session.

It's something with which Appsavvy says its Adtivity technology is well matched.

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Adtivity works by enabling brands to integrate directly into games during relevant moments such as level or high score completion and other natural pauses in the action.

"AOL and have created a discovery, distribution and monetisation platform for game developers with advertising strategised and designed into the core of the platform," pointed out appssavvy's SVP, strategic partnerships, Tyson Daugherty,

"This creates a unique market opportunity for advertisers as well as game developers."

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