Tap For Tap rolls out its free Tap Exchange platform

All about those clicks

Tap For Tap rolls out its free Tap Exchange platform
You're no one in the mobile industry if you haven't performed at least one pivot.

Canadian outfit Tap For Tap has got that situation out of the way early, switching from its original impressions exchange business to a tap (or click-based) model.

(Not the biggest pivot even seen, granted.)

And to be honest, click swaps have been the de facto industry standard for a while now; originally highlighted by Applifier on Facebook, they've since taken onboard by companies ranging from Chartboost to Papaya (AppFlood) and 6waves.

Click for fun

Tap For Tap's Tap Exchange uses three new ad units - banners, interstitials and app walls - to drive clicks and downloads, and these can also be tracked using geo-targeting.

The company takes 20 percent of the clicks exchanged on the platform as its margin.

"Our app developers value the promotional impact of ad views, but place a much higher value on the app engagement that taps represent," commented co-founder, Eric Dyck.

You can see what Tap For Tap is up to via its website.

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