Tap for Tap bulks up biz dev team appointing Ryan Gerhardt as VP

Promoting cross promotion

Tap for Tap bulks up biz dev team appointing Ryan Gerhardt as VP
There are plenty of cross promotion exchanges for app developers.

Canadian start up Tap for Tap is looking to raise its profile in this competitive space thanks to the addition of a new business development VP.

With five years experience in mobile marketing, Ryan Gerhardt will be heading up Tap for Tap's mobile advertising, sales, and developer relations operations as it looks to build up its new tap exchange.

This is an evolution from its previous impressions-based exchange; something Tap for Tap says plays into the higher level of sophistication that's now required in the market.

Do more, be more

"Ryan's experience and knowledge in the mobile advertising industry is unparalleled and we're excited to add his skills and abilities to the Tap for Tap team," said Todd Dunlop, president and CEO.

"Ryan will be an integral part of Tap for Tap's growth and development in the coming months."

You can find out more about what Tap for Tap offers via its website.
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