Sexually loaded virtual dating app Boyfriend Maker pulled from App Store

Game aimed at 4+ disappears

Sexually loaded virtual dating app Boyfriend Maker pulled from App Store
Virtual dating app Boyfriend Maker has been pulled from the App Store just days after we revealed it contained what appeared to be references to violent sexual acts and paedophilia

The app, developed by 36 You, came with an age rating of 4+, but featured a chat mode that frequently delivered bizarre and often explicit responses unsuitable for children.


In one extreme case during out play test, the game's chat bot made reference to sex with underage and unconscious subjects, with user reviews on the App Store suggesting "filthy" responses are commonplace.

An example of how a suggestive question can trigger an alarming response

It's believed the root of the problem lies within 36 You's decision to utilise a third-party chat engine by SimSimi - one that enables users to suggest possible responses that the bot then bounces back to other players.

As such, extreme replies are to be expected.

However, the major difference between Boyfriend Maker and SimSimi's own chat app – still available on the App Store – is that the latter sports an age rating of 17+ and, according to its description, enables users to report or block offensive content.

The web version of the 17+ SimSimi chat app delivers a colourful response

36 You is still yet to respond to our request for comment, and it's currently unclear as to whether the developer itself pulled Boyfriend Maker from the marketplace, or Apple decided to take action.

You can read more about Boyfriend Maker debacle here.

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