Apple to launch dedicated 'kids' category on the App Store

Discovery will be child's play on iOS 7

Apple to launch dedicated 'kids' category on the App Store
Without any fanfare of note, last week saw Apple shake up life on the App Store for developers behind apps aimed at children last week during its iOS 7 unveiling.

In amongst news of support for third-party controllers and a fresh 'flat' look for the OS, Apple also unveiled a new 'kids' section on the App Store that joins the current list of categories available on the marketplace.

Apple claims the new section is designed to "spotlight the best apps for children based on age", helping developers push kids games out to a willing audience - particularly parents eager of age appropriate apps for their kids.

Yet the Cupertino giant hasn't lifted the lid on how apps will find their way into the kids category just yet.

The kids are alright

Indeed, given the section is currently being billed as a "selection of age-appropriate apps", it appears likely it'll act almost as a 'safe zone' within the App Store for younger gamers.

Whether Apple or the developer makes the final call on the age-appropriate content remains unclear, however.

"Now parents and teachers can quickly find apps that are perfect for children," details Apple on its website.

"Just visit the new kids category for a curated selection of age-appropriate apps."

It seems likely the kids category will contain some strong warnings about IAPs (if apps containing them are allowed in at all, in fact) in response to The Office of Fair Trading's investigation into the 'direct exhortations' of children through in-app purchases.

[source: Develop]

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