Wargaming: Oculus Rift needs 5 million users for F2P to be viable

CEO Kislyi on the realities of free-to-play

Wargaming: Oculus Rift needs 5 million users for F2P to be viable

Console, PC, and soon-to-be mobile free-to-play MMO World of Tankscould come to Oculus Rift, but only if the virtual reality system is deemed a 'success'.

That's according to Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi who, while speaking about possible support for the virtual reality platform, suggested that the firm would only consider support for the platform when it hits sales of 5 million units.

That's because – and as Kislyi states – the vast majority of people who would play World of Tanks will never part with any cash.

Big on base

"If it's big, if it's global, we're going to be there," said Kislyi, during an interview with CVG. "We are free-to-play, and further down the road, free-to-win. 75 percent of our players will never pay us a penny. We love those players."

Kislyi's comments weren't intended as a criticism, but rather an acknowledgement of one of the necessities of free-to-play – a sizeable audience in order to compensate for a ratio that always skews towards non-payers.

World of Tanks: Blitz

For Kislyi, the base needs to be be big enough so that the developer isn't forced to “milk” its players to earn a living.

"We try to keep your 'cheque' within a movie ticket or two kind of range, and we're going to stick with this philosophy," he detailed.

"Ten million, five million, is a good user base. If Xbox One, Oculus Rift, whatever, reach those numbers, we're there."

[source: CVG]



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