Question time: The huge summer developer survey is here and we need your views

Share your thoughts and win a ticket to PG Connects

Question time: The huge summer developer survey is here and we need your views

It's time to kick off another one of our huge global surveys, and we're inviting all developers, yourself included, to take part and voice their opinions.

The latest Global Mobile Developer Survey will help us produce a comprehensive report that will be made available at PG Connects in June, while Business Network members will be able to download it shortly after.

Your view counts

Our last survey culminated in a huge 44-page report that's still available for download as long as you're logged in. If you haven't seen it, head on over to your profile and access it by clicking on 'Your downloads'.

Don't worry, because we're a generous bunch it won't cost you a penny. 

So, if you've got a few minutes to spare and want to ensure that your voice is heard, you can take part in our latest survey by clicking right here

Oh, and everyone who completes the survey will also have a chance of winning a free ticket to PG Connects. We know - that's a pretty good deal, but you're worth it. 






From starting out as a games tester for Mastertronic, Virgin and Sega in the late 1980s, it may seem odd to then ditch everything to write about mobile phones that, at the time, lasted 20 minutes between charges. He always had a hunch mobiles would become quite popular, but possibly didn't realise how powerful (and, ironically, returning to 20 minutes between charges). Jonathan's job is to continue advising on the best hardware to buy, in order to enjoy games that have advanced considerably since those long days and nights testing Double Dragon on the C64.