BlueStacks integrates Facebook Live streaming into its Android-to-PC platform

Making streaming even easier

BlueStacks integrates Facebook Live streaming into its Android-to-PC platform

Mobile platform BlueStacks has integrated Facebook Live into its service which will allow users to stream their games directly to Facebook.

Any app used inside BlueStacks can now be streamed to the user's Facebook profile, friend's timeline, or their own page directly from the platform, without the need for additional capture programs.

The new integration will be of particular use to influencers and streamers as it can give them direct access to their Facebook audience without having to link them to a separate webpage.


"Contextual streaming is the future of live. By giving people the ability to pair live streams with any app, it allows them to create more engaging content," said BlueStacks CEO, Rosen Sharma.

"Our initial Twitch integration was an ideal showcase of what this can be in the gaming world. With this expansion to Facebook Live, we are adding the other million plus apps out there to the livestreaming ecosystem."

To kick-off the launch of the Facebook Live integration, BlueStacks brought in a range of YouTubers to livestream their favourite apps and games on the service.

As well as integrating Facebook, BlueStacks has also partnered with China-based streaming services PandaTV and DouYu to bring streaming to its service in China.

BlueStacks had previously integrated Twitch streaming to its service in April 2016, as it started its move to make streaming easier through its Android-to-PC service.

Check back tomorrow for a full interview with BlueStacks' Director of Marketing, Yuriy Yarovoy, about its decision to integrate Facebook into its platform and its future plans for streaming.


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