Get prepared for going solo with this guide to The Pocket Gamer Connects London Indie Track

Track for finding new paths to success without publisher oversight

Get prepared for going solo with this guide to The Pocket Gamer Connects London Indie Track

It’s a little under two weeks until the industry gathers for Pocket Gamer Connects Londonon January 21st-22nd.

We’re continuing our track coverage with a rundown on The Indie Track. This all-day session hosted by mobile veteran Oscar Clarke is the place to be for all things Indie.

From nailing down game concepts and planning your development to getting the word out and moving on from that first success, there’s a wealth of know-how waiting to help you and your team go it alone.

The Indie Track takes place on January 22nd, with the following schedule subject to changes.

The Indie Track is sponsored by Fingersoft.


09:55: Prepare for the day’s events with The Indie Track - Track Overview.

10:00: Nerial director Francois Alliot gets the ball rolling with his Superstar session - From Reign to Game of Thrones.

10:20: Harbottle and Lewis’ Beata Sobkow needs you to hear Three things that games developers need to know to safeguard their games.

10:40: Next is a session on the Future of casual music game publishing - Trends, struggles and hacks with Gismart’s Vera Rabkina.

11:00: Our first keynote comes courtesy of Round Zero CEO and VP of publishing Daniel Rantala, titled: Automating data-driven mobile game evaluation.

11:20: Natasha Trygg of Snowfall Games will speak on The vitality of visual storytelling in games.

11:40: Industry consultant Martin Korda on How to lay the foundations for compelling storytelling in games.

12:00: Learn about Exploiting timer mechanics as a narrative tool with writer and narrative designer Greg Buchanan.

12:20: Before breaking for lunch, we have a panel asking: Is narrative what makes Indies special? Riana McKeith, Neil Bennun, Simay Dinc and Elisa Di Lorenzo plan to find out.

13:00: Lunch Break

14:00: The afternoon kicks off with a Nutaku keynote on Adult games as a credible alternative for developers.

14:20: Funday Factory’s Emil Kjaehr has advice on Building branded games without getting burnt.

14:40: Explore User research in the prototyping phase with Rovio executive producer Sophie Vo.

15:00: Polkadot Studio’s Olesja Marjalaakso on Betting the studio future on one influencer.

15:40: Experiencing Growing Pains - Moving from a handful of entrepreneurs to a company? Then head to this panel fronted by Dodreams CEO Erik Pöntiskoski.

16:20: Karman Interactive head of design Ram Kanda will hold a session titled Bendi Games - Designing for Kids.

16:40: Mobile indie is dead - Long live mobile indie! says Lucky Cat Studios’ Herdjie Zhoe.

17:00: Discover Transhaping - Kickstarting with meaning with Unbound Studios’ Ryan Nisbet and Dylan Hetherington.

17:20: Our day wraps up with a Fantasy Game Pitching panel with Katleen Evers, Sabrina Carmona, Martine Spaans and Natasha Trygg.

For the complete lineup of events taking place this month, check out the full schedule. Make sure to secure yourself a place at PGConnect London over on our registration page here.

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