GDC 2019: Genvid partners with developers to introduce new interactive games for streaming

Pipeworks, Katapult and more studios are first to sign-up

Date Type Companies involved Size
March 18th, 2019 partnership Genvid Technologies
Not disclosed
GDC 2019: Genvid partners with developers to introduce new interactive games for streaming

Genvid Technologies has partnered with multiple developers to introduce a number of games all designed around streaming.

Oregon-based developer Pipeworks Studio known for Supergith and Terraria is one of the companies, who will be showcasing Project Elusis at this year’s GDC. Elusis sees 10 players stranded on a desert island, with decisions made from viewers impacting how the game plays out.

Katapult Studio is another developer involved in the initiative and will be providing an early look at its CHKN Arena game over the coming days. The battle title lets users build bizarre creatures before making them fight one of one with opponents. Audiences can then clap in-game to amplify the creature's abilities.

The experiences have all been built from the ground up and will be accessible through Twitch and YouTube.

Future of interactive media

“The future of interactive media is being built upon Genvid’s technology,” said Genvid CEO Jacob Navok

“When game developers think about building interactive streams across different platforms, infrastructures and game engines, we are the best-in-class solution, and it shows in the incredible innovation we are debuting from these creators at GDC 2019.”

GenVid’s ‘Streaming and the Future of Media’ talk will take place at GDC on March 20th at 10:30am PT in the Moscone West Hall 3009.

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