Former Glu Mobile staff score Facebook success

Playfish has three games in the Facebook Top 10

Former Glu Mobile staff score Facebook success
Can mobile games firms make it big on Facebook with versions of their games?

Plenty are trying, and they'll take comfort from the success of UK firm Playfish, which has just announced that all three of its Facebook games are in the social network's Top 10 chart.

The company was set up by several former executives at Glu Mobile's European division.  Its Who Has The Biggest Brain? game is in sixth spot in the Games By Most Active Users chart on Facebook, with nearly 280,000 daily unique active players.

Not far behind are the company's other two games: Bowling Buddies (nearly 206,000 daily active users) and Word Challenge (nearly 194,000 daily active users).

What does this mean for mobile gaming though? Well, for starters it means all three of these games are starting to become brands in their own right, which could see them make the leap back to mobile.

But more importantly, it shows that mobile game developers do have the skills to make successful social games on Facebook - although that involves more than just porting across existing mobile titles.
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