Sell My App acquires the domain from the formerly crowdfunded $1.3M startup Chupamobile

All about quality of service

Sell My App acquires the domain from the formerly crowdfunded $1.3M startup Chupamobile

This is a big moment for Stav Zilbershtein, the founder of, which has become the biggest high quality mobile app templates marketplace in its niche.

This is an interview we conducted to get the full story directly from Stav.

A brief history of mobile app template marketplaces

Even though there were always marketplaces that sell assets and mobile templates there is one particular niche in which the two companies used to compete and that is the high level complete games & apps mobile templates. used to be the biggest and first marketplace to enter the niche which was later followed by Sell My App which appeared as a full marketplace around summer 2015.

“We couldn’t be first but I saw a real opportunity to be better, I worked out a plan to spot all the shortcomings of their platform and worked on strategies on how I could deliver a better experience and a higher level quality of service,” says Stav Zilbershtein, owner of Sell My App.

How did you win the competition? 

“There are a few points to creating a high level trust marketplace solution. The main ones have to be a strong and highly responsive support system. We have our own team 7 days a week that monitors all chats between clients and vendors motivating both sides to resolve any support requests fast.

Second is a strong and fair refund policy. In cases where authors are not responsive or cannot resolve the support issues experienced by their buyer there is a 14 days refund policy. And we stand behind it.

You can check our state of reviews on Trustpilot they speak for themselves.”

Do people still buy mobile app templates these days?

“We actually see an acceleration in the last 12 months for the better. Many online entrepreneurs want to get a shot at the lucrative world of mobile games and apps. There is still a lot of money to be made in this niche.”

What are your plans for Sell My App now?

“As we got a hold of the domain we are going to use it to revert the traffic to Sell My App. our marketplace keeps growing thanks to an amazing community of sellers and buyers that trust the brand and a team of support Ninjas operating the site.

We continue to expand and offer a gateway to anyone that wishes to make money from apps but don’t know how to code them.

Sell My App now boasts the biggest ever growing collection of high quality templates and the most active authors in the niche.

I strongly invite everyone to visit our site and give it a try.”

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