Google names its 2020 Indie Games Festival winners

Across Europe, Japan and South Korea

Google names its 2020 Indie Games Festival winners

Tech giant Google has announced the winners of the 2020 edition of its Google Play Indie Games Festival across Europe, Japan and South Korea.

As revealed in a blog post, the winners all received a prize package designed to help the developers grow on Android and Google Play. Namely, they received promotional offers for the storefront, campaigns, consultations, hardware and more.

In Europe, the three winners were Inbento by Afterburn, The White Door by Rusty Lake, and Rebel Twins' Cookies Must Die. The latter of which we chose as one of our Mobile Game of the Week entries.

Winning in Asia

Meanwhile, in Japan, the top three games were Shiki Game Studio's Gigafall, Metboy! by Rebuild Games and Wasurenaide, otona ni natte mo by Gagex Co. However, within its top ten, Odencat had two entries with Zelle and Snowman Story – the only studio to score two entries.

Finally, in South Korea, the winners were as follows, Heroes Restaurant by Team Tapas, Magic Survival by Leme and Moontm's Project Mars.

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