Pokemon GO could be getting a subscription service

"A subscription category has been added in this version"

Pokemon GO could be getting a subscription service

Niantic could be gearing up to introduce a subscription service to Pokemon GO.

As revealed on Reddit, in a post dedicated to findings within the source code of the game's latest APK, a subscription category appears to have been added to the store.

"We saw hints at a subscription service a long time ago, but now as part of the Store section, a subscription category has been added in this version. Would be interesting how and what that looks like," reads the Reddit post.

Currently, the reaction amongst players appears to be mixed; some are in favour of a subscription service while others do not see the appeal. Meanwhile, several trainers have been wondering if the rumoured service is to do with Pokemon Home instead.

"Subscription models tend to be more profitable and offer a predictable revenue stream for services, so I wouldn't be surprised if Niantic started offering subscription packages. Depending on its execution, this could resolve a lot of problems people have had with box deals in the shop," said Reddit user Manamal.

Catch em all

Pokemon Go has gone from strength to strength since its launch in 2016. Last month, the augmented reality title experienced its best month for revenue since August 2016, back when trainers worldwide had just been introduced to the title. Moreover, Niantic's game has almost cracked $4 billion in lifetime revenue, having earned $3.7 billion by July 2020.

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