Sarajevo startup Gotiva Games raises $250,000 for NFT social puzzle games

Debut title scheduled for Q2 2022

Date Type Companies involved Size
December 2nd, 2021 investment Gotiva Games
Kickstart Mobile
Sarajevo startup Gotiva Games raises $250,000 for NFT social puzzle games

Sarajevo-based startup Gotiva Games has raised $250,000 to develop social, multi-platform puzzle games, following a pre-seed funding round.

Gotiva Games was founded in summer 2021 by co-founder Adnan Ahmić and Warsaw-based startup incubator Kickstart Mobile, which provided the funding.

Currently, Gotiva Games consists of co-founder Adnan Ahmić, creative director Senad Čustović, and Unity developer Ajdin Fazlić.

Gotiva will use the funding for hiring in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), the development and performance marketing of its upcoming games.

Hiring local talent

"Prior launching Gotiva Games we have worked with the Kickstart team on first mobile games and we are thankful to the team for all experience and support," said Gotiva Games co-founder Adnan Ahmić.

"Now we are ready to launch our own company to build BiH’s first global mobile games studio."

Gotiva’s debut and flagship title is scheduled to be released in Q2 2022 and will include blockchain and NFT content.

Kickstart Mobile CEO Sebastian Szczygiel added: "Having seen the industry grow in the Balkan region over the last decade, with already significant exists such as Take-Two’s acquisition of Belgrad-based Nordeus for $378 million, we are excited to contribute to the growth and evolution of game industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina."

The studio currently has open positions for a junior frontend developer, 2D game artist, and a freelance artist.

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