Street Fighter: Duel announces Monster Hunter crossover with Gore Magala challenge

A monstrous crossover is on its way

Street Fighter: Duel announces Monster Hunter crossover with Gore Magala challenge

Shortly after releasing worldwide, Street Fighter: Duel has today announced an upcoming collaborative crossover in the form of a time-limited event; Monster Hunter’s Gore Magala is invading the Street Fighter world starting 16 March.

The announcement, coming from international publisher A Plus Japan, marks the mobile RPG title’s first crossover since its international release.

Reasons for release

After the damaging year that was 2022 in China, many games companies are beginning to take on new efforts to increase their profits. One such effort is expanding the reach of their China-exclusive games by releasing them worldwide.

Tencent, the Chinese publisher of Street Fighter: Duel, is one of these companies; after falling from grace as China’s biggest business last year, Tencent has been busy readying multiple titles for international releases, Street Fighter: Duel among them.

The game released in China in 2020 featuring many iconic characters from Capcom’s main Street Fighter Series. After the recent confirmation that it would be released globally, pre-registrations reached over 5 million by its launch on 28 February 2023.

While Tencent and others are preparing pre-existing titles for international release, certain companies like Netease warn that they don’t expect international investments to pay off for a few years.

The collaboration between Street Fighter and Monster Hunter, both Capcom IPs, will occur across two weeks starting 16 March. It involves supporting Ken in his battle against the monster Gore Magala, first introduced in the 3DS game Monster Hunter 4.

Mimicking Monster Hunter combat, players will face off against Gore Magala by attacking three body parts – the wings, claws and head – with different rewards depending on the chosen target.

By participating in the adjacent Shadaloo Invasion event meanwhile, rewards such as the Wyvern Tear will be obtainable. This is required for unlocking Gore Magala Ken of the Infernal King Faction and adding him to players’ teams.

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