Zynga India spearheads tech meetup for women in games

The meetup followed International Women’s Day

Zynga India spearheads tech meetup for women in games

Zynga recently hosted a one-of-a-kind ‘tech meetup’ for mid-senior women in the games industry as part of the 2023’s Women’s Day celebrations.

The event was hosted in the company’s India office and brought together women in the games and technological industries, and saw those invited discuss topics related to gender equity in the games sector.

The meetup featured a diverse line-up of Zynga India’s female talent, including associate general manager Poornima Seetheraman, director of products Shilpi Gupta, and lead producer Divya Nair.

Among other topics, attendees discussed the availability of career opportunities for women in the games sector, the need for products consumed by women to have women in creative and leadership roles, and the role of women in the games industry as a whole.

“Women are pathbreakers, leading the way in technical roles,” said Zynga vice president of HR Bhavna Talwar. “Gaming is no exception; we see great potential in female candidates during hiring. At Zynga, there are many in leadership roles, and we have lots of success stories to tell.

“With the Tech Meetup, we want to encourage and motivate women to take strong steps and leap forward in technical positions. It is a great networking opportunity for women to share their success stories and spread the positive vibe.”

The need for equity

Women comprise a small percentage of the workforce in India’s gaming industry, despite the country’s growing profile in the industry at large. India is one of the fastest growing gaming markets in the world, with mobile leading the charge. Notably, women worldwide show a preference for mobile gaming, with a recent study of women in the UK and USA finding that 74% of women play mobile games daily. As such, it appears that Zynga is aiming to onboard more women into the games industry in India in line with the discussions taking place at the meetup.

“We are proud to be hosting this Tech Meetup in recognition of International Women’s Day and to be part of a growing movement to promote gender equity and inclusivity in the tech industry,” said Zynga India senior vice president of games and country head Kishore Kichili. “We are committed to creating an inclusive workplace that supports and empowers all our employees, regardless of gender or background. We hope that this event will inspire other companies and individuals to join us in this important mission.”

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