Backbone and PlayStation bring the Backbone One peripheral to Android

The launch follows the release of Backbone One - PlayStation Edition for iOS

Backbone and PlayStation bring the Backbone One peripheral to Android

Cloud gaming service Backbone has announced a new partnership with PlayStation, following the release of Backbone One - PlayStation Edition for iOS, bringing the device to Android.

Backbone One - PlayStation Edition is a device modelled after the PS5’s DualSense5 wireless controller and based on Backbone’s existing mobile phone controller attachment, which players can connect to their phones to play games. Thanks to its official Sony tie-in and branding, the Backbone One is recognised as a DualSense controller by PlayStation’s Remote Play app, giving players a handheld gaming experience when playing PS4 and PS5 games on their phones.

In addition to the controller, Backbone is now bringing the Backbone app to Android devices. The app allows players to aggregate all of their gaming content and services that feature support for controllers, including cloud streaming services such as Steamlink and Nvidia GeForce now as well as giving hardware controllers to controller-ready compatible games such as Call of Duty: Mobile and Diablo Immortal.


What does this mean for mobile gamers?

This move represents the latest move by PlayStation to increase its mobile presence. Mobile remains the most popular and profitable of all gaming platforms, in large part due to accessibility (both in terms of affordability and available time) and console manufacturers are eager to break into the space.

The creation of a dedicated mobile peripheral - albeit an existing one given official Sony support and branding - could be indicative of future development for console games with mobile play in mind, making it just the latest indicator that the company is investing significant time and resources into the space.

PlayStation has made several key hires for its mobile branch, however significant moves towards establishing a stronger presence of mobile outside of this have been few and far between. However, rumours have been circling for some time that it is eyeing up an acquisition of Zynga parent company Take-Two Interactive, and that the blockbuster Horizon franchise will be making a mobile debut. The introduction of Backbone One may well see the company taking greater note of what mobile can do like no other gaming platform.

Earlier today, Sony teased a push into live service and cross-platform publishing ahead of the latest PlayStation Showcase.


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