Unity goes deeper into AI as it announces two new tools

The game creation platform has positioned the use of generative AI as increasing focus of its offering

Unity goes deeper into AI as it announces two new tools

Game creation engine Unity will incorporate two new AI tools, Unity Muse and Unity Sentis, as the company continues to push the use of artificial intelligence within its products. Regardless of the controversy that remains around AI and its usage, Unity is one of many companies that are firmly optimistic about its use. Or at least optimistic about how their customers will adopt it.

The two tools are only in the early stages of development, and their announcement follows Unity’s trend of being decidedly bullish about the potential of artificial intelligence. As one of the most widely-used, user-friendly game-creation platforms in the world, Unity is in a unique place to push the technology. However, while it’s unclear at this point just how widely it will be adopted, it’s undoubtedly a bold step considering the controversy of the tech.

The description of Unity Muse follows many other applications of the tech, with the emphasis on simple inputs such as text and images being converted into more complex game assets. “Unity Muse is an AI platform that accelerates the creation of real-time 3D applications and experiences like video games and digital twins. The eventual goal of Muse is to enable you to create almost anything in the Unity Editor using natural input such as text prompts and sketches.”

For Sentis meanwhile, at the moment all that’s specified is that “Unity Sentis is a literal game changer. At a technical level, it bridges neural networks with the Unity Runtime, but the possibilities that Sentis unlocks are near endless.”

Ambition for AI?

It’s unclear what data sets its Unity Muse and Unity Sentis tools are trained on, and whether or not this data originates with existing users of Unity and its already implemented tools. AI has proven to be a controversial technology that has inspired a great deal of debate, especially in the creative and game industries.

Unity have also confirmed that they will also be implementing the use of verified third-party tools that “meet Unity’s highest quality and compatibility standards.” This includes tools from third-party companies such as Atlas, Replica Studios and Zibra AI. These will be available on the Unity Asset Store.

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