What is Everywhere? Inside Leslie Benzies' new game

The GTA legend has unveiled details of his latest project

What is Everywhere? Inside Leslie Benzies' new game

A new trailer has been released for Everywhere - the hotly anticipated new project by independent developer Build a Rocket Boy and spearheaded by former GTA producer Leslie Benzies.

The title, dubbed a game creation tool, allows users to create their own experiences. Game creation platforms such as Roblox and Dreams have become increasingly prevalent in recent years, giving gamers worldwide the chance to earn money or even develop their own careers in game development.

I want to be with you Everywhere

The game was first revealed at 2022’s Opening Night Live, with the assistant game director stating that the company is aiming to build "not just a place to play, but [to] watch, share, create, hang out with your friends, and so much more".

Until now Build a Rocket Boy has kept details on Everywhere close to its chest. The new trailer reveals what players can expect both from a game creation angle and a gameplay one. Additionally, we know that the game will release on a variety of platforms, including mobile.

The core ethos of the title, according to Build a Robot Boy, is to "create this open world that can be built on in every direction". To this end, the title will host numerous full games, including MindsEye, an upcoming AAA action-adventure title "set in a world of futuristic corporations, conspiracy theories, and sinister new technologies".

In short, it appears that everywhere is aiming to become the next big thing in game creation. While the likes of Roblox and Dreams allow anyone to create their own experiences, AAA games have yet to make their debut on the platform. As such, Everywhere playing host to AAA titles in its own right is likely to help it make a big splash upon its debut.

Everywhere’s release comes as more and more cross-platform developers are releasing their console and PC titles on mobile. Yesterday, we reported that Capcom has put mobile ports of its titles at the centre of its expansion plans in India.

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